Episodes 51 – 60

Ep. 051 – A Pet Food Perspective with Seronei Cheison, Global Ingredient Innovation Leader at Mars Global Petcare

Seronei shares his wisdom of being born in Kenya and rising through the ranks of the food industry.

Ep. 052 – The Life of a Food Marketer with Eric Dunn, Director of Marketing & Innovation at Nutrifusion

I learn a lot about food marketing from Eric

Ep. 053 – A Food Media Diet Plan with Rachel Cheatham, CEO of Foodscape Group

Rachel and I have a great discussion about food media and where to find great content

Ep. 054 – Combining Sushi and Team Building with Kaz Matsune, Owner of Breakthrough Sushi

Kaz talks about zen cuisine and sushi in this specialized episode

Ep. 055 – Balancing Work and Graduate School with Joceyln Ngo, R+D Food Scientist at Day-Lee Foods

Joceyln shares with us the challenges and rewards for working and being in graduate school

Ep. 056 – Learning to Cook in Corporate with Kimber Lew, R and D Coordinator at La Terra Fina

Kimber shares with us how important it is to learn to cook as a food scientist

Ep. 057 – Swimming in Broth, Tomatoes, and Doritos with Jaime Reeves, R+D Group Manager at Del Monte Foods

Jaime’s exciting personality really shines as she talks about her amazing experiences in 3 big companies

Ep. 058 – Catalyzing Critical Thinking with Sherrill Cropper, Bakery Formulation Specialist at Red Star Yeast

Sherrill talks about thinking smart and we talk a lot about bread

Ep. 059 – The Twists and Turns in the Life of Food with Michael Kalanty, Author of How to Bake Bread and Consultant

Michael’s had a very interesting life in food. From chef, to author to consultant.

Ep. 060 – On Changing Jobs

I talk about my experience about my first job and why I switched

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