Ep. 101 – It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint with Nicole Gallace, Founder of Foodgrads

So this is kinda cool, if you recall our very first episode, we interviewed Nicole, and now, artistically timed, we interview her after 100 episodes.

This episode is a bit different because it’s a return guest, and it’s much more conversational. Especially because Nicole and I know each other well, and talk fairly frequently

A lot of podcasts do this, especially those with the same networks. I actually find these episodes really enjoyable because it’s like two friends having a conversation about life. I hope you find the discussion we have warm and inviting.

However, we do bring up some really cool topics of discussion. We start off with a discussion on social media, then we reminisce about the growth of both Foodgrads and My Food Job Rocks. However, I would say the most important topic in this episode is about how scientists can communicate better, and what part Nicole and I play in this.

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Key Takeaways

  • Nicole and I discuss the journey of growing our projects
  • The debate on what to support in science
  • How to get noticed on social media

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