Ep. 048 – From Chef to Recruiting Chefs with Mike Hewitt, CEO of One Haus

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I had the opportunity to talk to the amazing Mike Hewitt who runs his own chef recruiting agency. They are Hospitality Recruiters specializing in dining room, culinary and corporate salaried positions.

Mike’s background is kind of cool. He’s worked in the family restaurant, went to culinary school in Switzerland, then moved to the United States for a restaurant job. He then started his own restaurant and then went over to… Human Resources?

He does this for a very valid reason, to take care of his growing family, and that’s something I hope you take away from this episode. Mike still loves food, you can definitely tell. But now he is helping the food industry in a different way by connecting talented people to each other.

His company One Haus is unique as he recruits recruiters that have a strong operational restaurant background so his employees used to work in restaurants. This allows his works to find quality people because they just know what it takes.

Other than this, you’ll leanr a couple of really cool recruiting technologies and the best festivals to go to for … recruiting

I really enjoyed this episode, Mike is an awesome guy and I loved the straightforward advice he gives on how to get a job.

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About Mike Hewitt

Principal & Headhunter Mike Hewitt has over twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry, ranging from operations, brand development, human resources, consulting and recruiting . With this extensive insight ranging from fine dining to fast casual, large restaurant groups to single mom & pop operations, Mike brings a deep understanding of operator needs, having been there once himself. Mike’s approach to recruiting focuses on assessing company culture and honing in on a particular candidates’ specific skill set to make the match. He has a post graduate degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management from the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne.

Key Takeaways

  • How Mike went from a family restaurant to being CEO of a recruiting company
  • The key moment on why Mike switched to the recruiting industries
  • Why Linkedin Rocks

Question Summary

How do you get clients?: Network, referrals, returning back
Elevator Pitch: We are connectors, connectors for long term success
Describe the steps it took to get to where you are today: Parents had a restaurant in Spain, Culinary School at Ecole hoteiere de Lausanne in Switzerland, hired into the United States, Started his own restaurant, then HR Director, then started his own company.
Why did you target hospitality?: It’s what I know. We hire operators and turn them into recruiters.
(Operators: Chefs, managers, etc)
Moment Mike wanted to do recruiting: looking at his 4 month old baby and say “why haven’t I seen this baby in 4 months?”
My Food Job Rocks: It’s the variety. I get to work with so many different industries
Food Trends and Technologies:  Embrace technology. Use technology to connect the dots!
Spark hire – One-Way Video Technology
Linkedin – a more passive way for communication
Sometimes you have to track them for as long as 4 years to make a recruitment sale
What makes a good candidate?: An honest candidate, knows exactly what they want, and can do a good job
Listen first, then speak. It’ll be easier to find them a job
Biggest challenge the food industry needs to face?: Commitment level. They are in it just for the fun and games
Glamorization of Chefs: It’s good for my industry, But it’s all about how to do a job
What’s one thing in the food industry you’d like to know more about: What the new trends are. Best way is to go to educational sessions and talks
Recommended Festivals and Conferences: Choose depending on your goal: Awareness is key. Biggest exposure. For example: Miami Wine and Food Festival, Charleston Asten, Palm Beach, people who would hire us as a recruiting agency
Who inspired you to get into food?: My mother, culinary school.
Favorite Kitchen item: My vitamix
Favorite Food: Guacamole… Guamanian dish, ground lemon chicken dish
How would you start your own business?: If you love food, you don’t have to be a chef
What’s next?: Farm to Turn Table
How does your company like to be contacted?: linkedin; one-haus.com

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