Ep. 046 – How to Be a Private Chef for George Lucas with Rachelle Boucher, Culinary Events Manager at Miele

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Today’s guest has been so supportive in our promotional efforts and I love her energy! Culinary Events Manager Rachelle Boucher, is probably one of the most passionate people I know. She really puts 110% percent into her job and you’ll learn throughout the interview all of the interesting experiences she’s been a part of.

Before being a wonderful Event Planner at Miele, she was actually a private chef for the one and only George Lucas. If you’re interested in being a private chef, she brings a lot of good pointers here including how she got found and what he likes to eat. Rochelle also tells you how to create wonderful events and how an amazing team can make your work feel like play.

I was actually lucky enough to visit Rachelle at Miele’s showroom in San Francisco. I enjoyed a steam pressed automated coffee and a cookie and Rochelle toured me around the showroom.

Amazing stuff. I’ve never seen such high class appliances. Imagine a microwave that acts as an oven, and then acts as a steam box! It’s crazy!

The beauty in forging relationships like this is that I can connect others. Rochelle was really interested in food science and I was able to connect them with the Northern California IFT Section! I raved about this awesome place to Erin Evers, Russ Nishikawa’s employee (episode 25) and they are now making a crazy awesome event at their showroom.

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Key Takeaways

  • Why Rachelle is so excited about Miele appliances
  • Our discussion about San Francisco’s foodie scene
  • How to get a private chef job with George Lucas
  • What makes a good culinary event

Question Summary

When someone asks what you do for a living: Culinary Events Manager for the Miele Showroom in San Francisco; Cooking Teacher, Event Planner, Content Creator
How You Got to Where You Are Today: I started in Art school and worked in the restaurant industry
My Food Job Rocks: My company is amazing and my team is incredible
Favorite Food Technology: Home appliances using steam, sous vide, induction; INNIT – Internet of Things
Favorite Quote: Julia Child: Never ever apologize for your food
Favorite Book: The Recipe Writer’s Handbook, Harold McGee On Food and Cooking
Favorite Food: Vietnamese Food
Any Advice for anyone going into your field?: Get your degree. It can make you creative; Find mentors
Where can we find you?: Linkedin, Instagram, flavor agent: twitter: flavor agent

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