Ep. 044 – Lessons on Being Innovative with Alan Marson, Managing Director at New Food Innovation Ltd.

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In this episode, I introduce Alan Marson, Managing Director of New Food Innovation a sort of… Illuminati? Of the British food system. He and a few other people are really trying to shake up the European food system.

Here’s a quick summary from linkedin:

“New Food Innovation is consultancy group with over 200 years of industrial experience and skills across all areas of the food industry, having careers in Large Multinationals food producers, Major UK food groups, Major food Ingredients suppliers, supermarkets, and Food entrepreneurs
Formed by Managing Director, Alan Marson, was one of the early adopters of open innovation practice and has an established track record of bringing new technology to market, an extensive network of connections within food business and the product and technology innovation communities.

The Team focuses on high-level working within strategic innovation activities, technology landscaping, scouting, technology translation, and external networking development for many UK’s major brands.
We are currently working with and supporting a group of food industry and academic experts with a wide range of science and industry technical expertise. This know-how has been gained during careers working for both international food companies (major branded and private label) and leading highly renowned center’s of learning for food Science including Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, University of Nottingham, Associated foods Premier Foods, Northern Foods.

During these Careers we have been able develop over 45 patents, launch over 42 first to market technologies, Sponsor end and supervised over 60 PhD’s, In the past 5 years we have been involved in collaborative research and development projects with funding of over 5 million pounds, the associates group, have an extensive network across all sectors of the food Industry which includes over 4000 direct and 500,000 digital food professional contacts.”

Impressive, huh? Well, within this episode, he shares his wisdom and passes it on to you.

The meat and potatoes of this episode is near the end, where Alan really opens up about the future of food. We talk a huge amount about alternative meats, how to find innovative companies, and the future of going digital

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Stay  hungry folks.

Key Takeaways

  • The important soft skills you need to be successful
  • The amazing world of alternative meats
  • If a big company bought out a small company, would you leave?

Question Summary

Would you ever Retire?: Not if you enjoy work
How did you get to where you are today?: Supported over 40 food technology companies
Most Important Soft Skills: How to collaborate, network, empathy, listening, and inspiring people
My Food Job Rocks: There’s always something new to do
Food Trends and Technologies: Finding more alternative protein sources because meat is affecting climate change
Biggest challenge the food industry has to face: The current food system needs to focus more on health
Solution: Focus Subsidizing on other things – a $5 dollar burger would actually cost $13 burgers
What would you like to know more about?: Behavioral economics and how things work
Who inspired you to get into food?: My sister was in the food industry, I also worked in a bakery
Your favorite Kitchen item: a good bread knife
If you had one meal to eat: Pasta (I thought he said Pastor)
Do you have any advice for people who want to get into your industry: Find out what makes you tick by having the opportunity to work in different roles
How to Find Progressive Companies: The are usually Privately owned companies
What’s next for you?: Digital space like Gamefication
Contact info: We don’t have a website. Innovation Distillery. (Alan is very responsive on Twitter) 

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