Ep. 043 – An Opportunity with Ugly Food with Naz Athina Kallel, Founder of Eu Herd


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“How much ugly and excess vegetables and fruit can 7 local farms and 27 chefs save in 3 months? Over 5000 pounds!”

We have another startup for you today. Naz Athina Kallel started Eu Herd, San Diego’s first marketplace for ugly food. Naz shares with us an amazing story, she decided to start this company after recovering from cancer treatment and getting a second chance at life, wanted to make an impact on the world.

In this podcast, I am a huge believer of sharing stories and I love people’s perspective. Naz is different from what we’re used to, but I want to really ask to take her approach with an open mind and have her story inspire you, to well.. maybe start something on your own. As long as you recognize passion, which she clearly has, I ask you to respect where she is coming from.

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Key Takeaways

  • San Diego county has the most number of small farms in the country
  • How Naz is saving the world in everything she does
  • An amazing story of how Naz started the company
  • How being terminally ill changed Naz’ perception of food

Question Summary

What is Eu Herd?: Eu means Good in Greek and Herd means community. San Diego’s first virtual farmer’s market
Food Trends and Technology: How farmers can embrace technology
Entrepreneur Advice: Don’t wait for things to happen, offer to do it. You will learn so much
What would you like to learn more about?: Why is the industry wasting 40% in our food?
Who inspired you to go into food?: Africa (Kenya), mother
Favorite Kitchen Item: Electric Wine Bottle Opener
Favorite Food: Freshly picked lettuce and foods in a skillet
Advice on Starting Your Own Business: Find a painpoint, also study the regulatory peice

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Email Naz for any advice at Naz@euherd.com

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