Ep. 036 – [Graduate Student Series] A European Perspective with John Gleeson, Graduate Student at University College Dublin

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Very jolly guest we have this time. John Gleeson lives and studies in Dublin, Ireland and has been all his life. What I found amazing about his accomplishments is his involvement in the IFTSA board.

I think it’s important to get a perspective on how other graduate schools work, especially out side of the United States and John explains the differences very well.

Throughout this interview, we have a great discussion about communicating what we do as food scientists and John does an amazing job discussing the difference between how European universities work.

About John Gleeson

This was taken directly from the Science Meet’s Food website.

John decided that the IFT needed the luck of the Irish so he slowly infiltrated the IFTSA through his love of science communication, references to Taylor Swift and usage of gifs (it’s pronounced with a hard G by the way). He managed to complete his BSc in Nutraceutical for Health and Nutrition in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Ireland. He decided to dabble in the world of eCommerce as a Business Analyst until he realized that it just wasn’t the same not getting to wear a lab coat everyday. He’s currently carrying out research for his PhD in University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. He is researching delivery systems for food components to lower blood pressure. When he’s not doing that, you may find him on Twitter (@JohnGleekson), quoting lines from Harry Potter and finding most animals incredibly adorable as long as they are warm blooded.

Key Takeaways

– How John Gleeson got into the IFTSA board
– How Europe works differently from the US Graduate School
– How superheroes are related to superfoods (they save lives)
– How food safety and quality in Europe works
– Using the science to talk about flipping burgers on the grill

Question Summaries

Why did you decide to go to graduate school?: I got bored, I love science
What are you studying?: Food derived peptides
Strangest lab stories: I broke my finger and also all of the reagents
The application process: Know what you want
Interview Question: Do you like Failing? Get used to it
Funding: It’s tough competition in Europe
Food Trends and Technologies: Lab Grown Meat
The Challenge is the biggest thing people have to face: Consumer Regulations and the Consumer perception
How to solve Consumer Perception: Have the scientists talk (well)
Who inspired you to get into Food (nutraceuticals): The people I wanted to hang out with
Favorite Quote: Wish beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure – Harry Potter
Favorite Book: Harry Potter
Favorite Kitchen item: Kitchen Aid
Favorite Food: Soup, Tomato and Basil Soup
Anything Inspiring: Fail fast, Researchers like to talk to researchers

What We Talk About

Dublin Institute of Technology
Communications Development
Operational Excellence Analysts
Fatty Acid
Royal Society of Chemistry
Green Tea Extract
EFSA – European Food Safety Authority
Beta Glucans
Find A PhD website
Lab grown collagen
Lab grown milk
Food is the ultimate emotive thing
Harry Potter: The Cursed Child

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