Ep. 034 – [Graduate Student Series] Escaping Monotony with Caroline Campbell, Graduate Student at NC State

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This is our second interview for our Graduate Series and we bring you another great graduate student who is in her final year of graduate school. Caroline Campbell’s interview gives some great, actionable tips on how to start your graduate process and this can be found on our new writing project, the Weekly Stew.

Caroline also does an amazing job talking about why she went to graduate school and this might resonate you in that if you are finding your job a bit boring, maybe it’s time for a change.

Key Takeaways

– How Graduate school can escape the boring, repetitive jobs
– How modified Starches are made
– The crazy method Caroline uses to measure and visualize how people chew
– How Caroline benefitted from graduate school

Question Summary


Why did you decide to go to Graduate School?: I didn’t want to get stuck with Quality Assurance
Favorite thing about North Carolina State: The Community and Family Feel
Advice for researching graduate school: Talk to your professors in your current school, and find what you love
PhD thesis: Looking at food texture on how we eat and how much we eat.
Funnest research subject: Gluing a magnet to people’s tongue
The biggest advice for the application process: Funding is harder to find than you think
Trends and Technologies: Fake Meat and Whey Protein functionality
Biggest Challenge the food industry has to face: Communication and Food Safety
Who Inspired You to get into food?: Alton Brown
Favorite Book: On Food and Cooking Harold McGee
Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Food Processor
Favorite Food: Eggs
Advice for going to graduate School: Be open minded. Also, graduate school is hard. It’s like a full time job

What We Talk About

Raleigh- great beer, great brew, microbrewries
Southern Barbeque
Year off study abroad/ couple of internships
Cargill – texturizing division
Modified Starches– All Natural Modified Starches
University of Idaho
Start emailing interesting professors
Software that monitors people chewing
Pickle fermentation
Plant Protein
Alton Brown’s Live Shows
Eggs on burgers
Chapter President
Chair of IFT Relations

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