Ep. 018 Part 2 – The Power of Culinary Science with Ali Bouzari, Author of Ingredient

This is part two of Ali Bouzari’s amazing interview.

Find part 1 here: http://myfoodjobrocks.com/018ali/

About Ali Bouzari

As an Iranian Texan, Ali Bouzari grew up with exposure to different cuisines, but most notably, beef over an open flame. His affinity for food and science lead him to become the guy where all the top chefs call him for help on the science of food. After waking up from a nightmare, he googled on his phone, “food chemistry PhD” and found himself at the University of California, Davis for Food Biochemistry. Strategically located near Napa and Sonoma’s food scene and San Francisco’s thriving entrepreneurial food and tech hub, Davis was his master plan to be the guy where chefs call him.

Between being an instructor for the Culinary Institute of America and a graduate student at Davis, he juggled being a freelance consultant for chefs, tapping into the new market of research chefs. Later, he co-founded a consulting firm with top research chefs and a stealthy food lawyer to help make his dream of becoming the go to people for solving food problems.

About Ingredient

If you want to pre-order Ali’s book, Ingredient, you can go on Amazon. The book is expected to release September 27, 2016. For the price of two mouthwatering sandwiches, the ones similar to what Joey Tribbiani savor, you can learn the essentials of food and cooking through colorful artwork and the translation of esoteric scientific theories into practical at home cooking.

You can learn a little more about Ali by reaching out to him on Twitter with his account, Alibouzari. You can also find out more information on his website. The website includes media coverage on Ali, his works in writing, media and Pilot R + D.

What We Learn About

  • Read a ton of books; books help you recognize what is really great and between the lines, it helps you understand why something is great
  • Eating can be constituted as research
  • Savory applications in food is trending
  • Ingredient by Ali Bouzari is the Rosetta Stone to cooking

What We Talk About

Research: Eating the best Austin BBQ as tax certified
Favorite food: Texas BBQ Brisket
Beef is a huge thing in Iran and Texas
Human breastmilk has 20x more glutamate than cow milk
EXO bars
Fermentation and Food Industry
Favorite Books: Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking and Sandor Katz’s Art of Fermentation
Favorite Kitchen item: Deep Welled-Spoon and Rubber Spatula
Advice: Hire a food person when starting a food company.
CDO: Chief Deliciousness Officer (this is a mde up term)
Ingredient book presale
Rosetta Stone of Cooking
Website: alibouzari.com
Twitter: AliBouzari

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