Ep. 001 – Starting Up With Nicole and Juliette, Founders of FoodGrads


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In this episode, we talk to Nicole and Juliette from FoodGrads.com about why food is so relatable and why we’ve decided to do something new.

About Food Grads

Every job seeker has a unique story to tell and we want to help them tell it.

Online networking can be a powerful tool for connecting employers and job seekers. However, after working in recruitment for over a decade, we know that finding the right networking opportunities online can be tough. What’s more, attracting high quality employees is expensive, and, as a new professional, job seeking can be time consuming and frustrating, so, we created a new way for employers and job seekers to connect.

Our passion and knowledge of the food sector led us to focus only on companies and professionals in food science, agribusiness, nutrition and food research. FoodGrads.com was born.

We are an exclusive online community only for food professionals. Network with future employers and build your professional online profile so that employers can engage you on a whole new level and get to know the real person behind the resume.

About Nicole and Juliette

Nicole and Juliette are both British and they both coincidentally moved to Canada around the same time. After seeing each other on and off, they bumped into each other at a Yoga class, got talking and decided to create FoodGrads.

What We Talk About

Food Science Major
My Food Job Rocks
Radical Remissions by Kelly Turner
Jamie Oliver
Simon Sineck 
Stilton Cheese



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