The Weekly Stew

Tim Ferriss will be launching a book in a month about common themes his podcasters use to be successful, and James Altucher writes brilliant content for every guest that comes onto his show and publishes them on linkedin, medium, facebook, etc.

I learn a lot of wonderful things from the guests I interview once a week and I really want that information to be distilled and evaluated. After I record an episode, I feel a rush of new knowledge that I eventually forget. When I edit it, I write the show notes and the information slowly crawls back. It’s time now to take it one step further and really dig deep on the important lessons each podcast host gives.

A goal I want to accomplish next year is to write more. I used to write 500 words a day on unrelated topics before the podcast took over most of my free time. Because of the lessons learned from people, I want to try dissecting and distilling interview content in a format where I can share to my audience.

The Weekly Stew is where I boil down and simmer Podcast content. The content will be based on the episodes posted and credit will be given where credit is due.

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