Tips on How to Make A Great Podcast

Chatting with podcasters is always a treat on the show. Kim and Alex are no exceptions. I love the support network and the willingness to ask questions.

In a segment on Alex Oesterle’s episode, we talk a bit about podcasting, such as what makes a good podcast great. Here are some of the similarities and differences Alex and I do when it comes to podcasting.

Why Did You Make a Podcast?

Alex: When I first started Blue Bear Creative, I couldn’t find anything out there so I started my own.

Reflection: I started a podcast because there was nothing like what I was doing. Nicole Gallace explained a need, and I thought of a solution.

The best thing about podcasting is that it’s quite the new frontier. Though it has grown quite a bit, there are still podcast concepts that haven’t even been invented yet!

And even if there is, who cares? There are so many food podcasts from so many big companies, that I could be intimidated by them, but that shouldn’t matter.

I have fun doing this, and I learn so much from every guest. So I love doing what I do,

How are You Finding Guests?

Alex: I don’t use linkedin too often. Usually linkedin acts as kind of a cold call. Instead I contact the companies directly and their Public Relations group sets me up.

Reflection: I exclusively use linkedin to reach out to my guests. I’ve only been stopped by PR groups maybe twice for potential guests. However, I target more technical people such as product developers which might be the reason why I can bypass this… or I’m breaking the law. Haven’t gotten in trouble yet!

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I find linkedin easier on my end because I interview either small businesses or technical people. In most cases, these people don’t get interviewed very often. Sometimes I get a big fish, but in most times, the stories of the work horse are more valuable the big picture guy.

However, Alex’s strategy was something I’ve never thought of and I might look into this if I’m looking to talk to someone big.

What Makes a Good Interview Podcast?

Alex: The guest has to be dynamic and able to roll with the punches. The best interviews I’ve listened to have the hosts research the guests exclusively. That way, they can ask better questions. The content has to be more tactical than big picture. We’ve found this to be true with our podcast where our most popular shows revolve around tactics than big picture.

Reflection: Judging from my first episodes, I’ve learned to be a lot more fluid with my questions and now have the ability to dig deep and ask more insightful questions. This has helped my podcast, my guest’s experience, and my experience interviewing a ton.

Unfortunately, it takes practice. Some people have talent doing this, others, it might take some polishing.

I try to research my guests as much as possible. Sometimes for technical people, a linkedin program will do. In other cases, especially companies, it’s nice to research their brand name, or their past interviews (so you don’t ask the same question).

How has Podcasting Improved you and your Brand?

Alex: Personally, it’s shown me how to be successful and I get to see different marketing strategies. It’s like being behind the curtain.

Reflection: Maybe a year ago, I never had a brand. I guess now I do? I know for a fact, podcasting has improved my personal skills tremendously. I can articulate better (I still stutter), I can ask questions much better (I still say uhh or so a lot), I can edit and create episodes (I still can’t get rid of some background noise), and more importantly, I am aware of this.

Overall, podcasting has been an extremely enlightening experience. It’s improved my network not just in the number of connections I’ve acquired, but also the interviews I’ve done have made some connections so strong, I can count of them for anything.

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