Lesson’s From Jeff’s Dream Job Offer

This weekly stew is a little different because it’s from a past episode.

My first Arizona Asian friend who worked at a Gatorade factory was able to climb the ranks and get a Research and Development job in Pepsico (same company) in New York City!

If you guys remember episode 7, I interview Jeffrey Nguyen after I had to scrounge around for guests for my podcast. He was a supply chain engineer in a Gatorade plant which he took on a whim. I remember when he was in college and was just deciding on a job!

As mentioned in the interview, Jeffrey has a heart of gold and when he gets something, it’s because of his good nature and ambitious spirit. By accepting this new job at Pepsico he gets to be the youngest R+D person they hired, and will be living in the best city in the world.

So in this article, I really don’t have an analysis of why he was able to get this job but rather, here are my thoughts

No Time is Wasted Time

Jeffrey was talking to me about how grateful he was getting the job in New York and then he slipped out something about how he said he might have wasted some time in the factory world.

I’ve mentioned this several times before, but manufacturing is the absolute best way to get research and development experience.

I don’t think Jeffrey would have even thought of being in R+D if he didn’t work his butt of on the factory floor. Again, factory life is brutal. If you’re a supervisor, you can easily work back to back 12 hour shifts in rush hour. It’s almost as bad as some nurses!

I had lunch with the flavor consultant today and he told me that my CSO likes me and a couple of other people because we have manufacturing experience. That manufacturing experience can be arguably more valuable than getting a master’s degree. In manufacturing, you learn so much about how to deal with people, how to get things done fast, and your sense of time changes because you genuinely understand the “pain” of everything.

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Point being, in everything you do, there is no such thing as wasted time. All jobs hold value, but sometimes it’s just harder to see.

A Powerful Work Ethic and a Heart of Gold

Jeff works hard. Anyone can see it. His endurance comes from his good heart. He was president and pioneer for an Asian professional group when I first met him, which took a lot of courage. Even though he lived all the way in the west side, he’d always come to the non-profit I went to and look as cheerful as ever.

I relistened to the episode, and it always enlightens me that Jeff speaks from the heart. Everything he does has a purpose and everything he works for is to make an impact.

Working hard, and having purpose is probably one of the best skills in life you can have. I really wish I could put in words how kind hearted Jeff is, but I can’t.

All I can really do is infer, that Jeff really did earn this job and because of his hard work, he’saccomplished his dream job.

Great Friends

I attended Jeff’s going away party and all of his friends were there.

Can you find me?

Jeff lived in Arizona all of his life and he has the ability to make and retain friends. A big part of why he probably got the job is because of his charisma.

The picture really says it all. Jeff is leaving a community of people who love him for taller pastures.

I have no doubt that he will be very popular and forge a great community in New York City

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