We work with these organizations to cross promote and talk about all things food industry. We like to call them Friends.



FoodGrads is run by a team of recruiters who focus on the food industry. If you are a student or recent graduate from food science, culinary, nutrition, agribusiness, or another food related discipline and you are looking to find employment, you should go and sign up for their mailing list. There’s a lot of cool things coming up from this startup, and we’ll let you know what that is.

You can hear their episode here.

The Research Chefs/Culinologist Association


Here’s a blog where you can update yourself on all things Culinology related. 

The Research Chef Association (RCA) is probably the most supportive group I’ve ever met. So far, I’ve had two members on the show been guests and have been so helpful in promoting the My Food Job Rocks! podcast.

Some RCA Chefs we interviewed:

Kimberly Shaub – Innovation Manager at Lundberg Farms

Philip Seneski – Founder of the RCA Student Committee

Peas On Moss Blog / Podcast


Speaking of Podcasts, Kimberly has her own podcast.

Every week, she interviews research chefs about their amazing journey throughout the food industry. If you’re interested in combining science and cooking, then this is an amazing spot to do so.


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