5 Food Podcasts I had no idea about until I started Podcasting

When you start something new, it’s like you’ve been shipwrecked onto a deserted island and you try to look for survivors.

That’s what happened to me and podcasting. I had no idea what I was doing, but as I started sharing my work and seeking information, I’ve found some incredible food podcasts that have incredible people behind them. Whether it’s research and development, marketing, food safety, storytelling or entrepreneurship, these podcasts rock and I’m glad to be friends with all of them (except the last one, maybe some day).

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Peas On Moss

Kim Schaub and I started the podcast journey unexpectedly together. As I have told the story a few times, we met on the facebook group for Podcaster’s Paradise, a community where podcasters can learn and grow. From the beginning, we’ve supported each other in terms of continuing when we should quit and what makes what content tick. I am extremely grateful to have Kim as a mentor and I hope to launch a bonus episode sometime soon about an awesome conversation we had after IFT17.

Anyways, Peas On Moss is a podcast that focuses on the nitty gritty of product developing. It takes a deeper dive into the science of things where as in My Food Job Rocks, I just make jobs sound really interesting. Kim has an amazing array of guests thanks to her connections to Culinology. Some of her best guests include: Graham Kerr and the guys from ReGrained. You know, the people who make bars from stuff after brewing beer.

If you are looking for more jobs focused on culinary science, I definitely recommend Kim’s podcast.

Food Marketing Nerds

I’ve gotten into marketing a lot lately and stumbled upon Alex Oesterle’s podcast, Food Marketing Nerds. I even had a chance to interview him and we just geeked out about podcasting for a while.

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Food Marketing Nerds is a highly specific podcast that showcases the tips and tactics of food marketers and features such guests as: VP or marketing for Jersey Mikes, the guys who’s in charge of Wendy’s viral campaigns, some amazing CPG brands, and even the director of the people who do Expo West.

I think any creative in the food industry should listen to this podcast as it not only gives amazing advice on how things sell, but you also get to explore the magical world of marketing.

Chau Time

My food friend Brian Chau started a podcast after his own name, Chau Time. This was a dream of his and he was finally able to do this after he got laid off from Helmsman. Having built a website from scratch, and having his friends make the music, he has an incredible story based podcast he has unleashed out to the world.

Brian’s voice is great for narrating. Has a sort of bard-like tone. He brings us to the story of his love of mushrooms and tells stories of how he forages and cooks them. Brian is releasing these episodes in seasons but they start every Monday. They’re short, and good to listen to when you’re typing up your weekly articles.

Food Safety Talks

Donald and Ben host a casual conversation on Food Safety Talks, a twice a month podcast that are a bit longer in general. If you are into unstructured conversations from two giant nerds (I’m sure they don’t mind this, they both have PhDs and work as professors!) then you will enjoy this podcast.

In general, a lot of food safety podcast or even content is really boring but with the upbeat intro music, and the great dynamic between Don and Ben, this podcast will keep you up to date with the latest food safety trends.

So just to let you know, in the next month or two, we will launch both Don and Ben’s episode. They are really fun to talk to and have contributed so much to food safety. They are truly the best at it. If you want proof I’ve interviewed them, check out their latest episode where around 10 minutes in, they talk about “podcast cheating”.

Impact Theory

This one’s a long shot… but it’s from Quest’s Co-founder Tom Bilyeu. You know, the hottest protein bar company ever. Really want to thank Thom King from Steviva for introducing me to this goodness.

Bilyeu’s podcast focuses on more creative advice in the same vein as Tim Ferriss or James Altucher. If you don’t like these two podcasts, then you probably won’t like Toms.

There are tidbits, especially in Tom’s Q and A podcasts where he talks about building Quest nutrition. One of his consistent messages that your product has to be excellent before anything else.

If you are thinking of starting a food business, then listen to Tom’s podcast. You are going to get a huge amount of honest advice.


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