Episodes 81 – 90

This segment features some amazing guests and experts from all over the world!

Baking, food safety, crowdfunding and jerky, these people rock!

Ep. 081 – Democratizing Baking Knowledge with Dr. Lin Carson, CEO if Bakerpedia

Ep. 082 – A Recruiter’s Point of View: Inside the Job Searching World with Michael McDonnell, President and Managing Partner at Global Recruiters of Columbia

Ep. 082 [Bonus] – Adam Yee In The Break Room: Honest Opinions on Careers, Learning, Podcasting, and Mindset

Ep. 083 – The Food Engineer From Israel with Anton Slavkin, Product Development Engineer at Strauss Group

Ep. 084 – The Magic of Food Pivoting with Ronald Arceo, founder of foodbox.tv (and other things)

Ep. 085- The Food Safety Fanatics Part 1 with Don Schaffner, Distinguished Professor at Rutger’s University

Ep. 086 – The Food Safety Fanatics Part 2 with Ben Chapman, Associate Professor at NC State University

Ep. 087 – On Quality Leadership with Bryan Armentrout, Quality and Regulatory Consultant at Food Leadership Group

Ep. 088 – How to Crowdfund your Food Startup (from a Food Crowdfunding Startup) with Cheryl Clements, CEO and Founder of Pieshell

Ep. 089 – From Big Chocolate to Small Jerky with Brian Gouldsbury, Sr. Research Scientist at Krave Pure Foods

Ep. 090- Adam Gets Interviewed: Copacking 101

Ep. 090 [Bonus] – Adam Gets Interviewed On Student Advice

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