Episodes 71 – 80

Here you can see episodes 71 to 80. We branch out of our usual guests and interview people from the HR. Food Safety, and Investment fields. Enjoy!

All you have to do is click the link and it will send you to the episode.

Ep. 071 – How to Find Good People and Great Companies with Steve MacIntyre, Director of People and Culture at Vibrant Health Products

Ep. 072 – Starting a Sweetener Company in a Garage and Growing to More than $10 Million with Thom King, CEO of Steviva

Ep. 072 [Bonus] – A Coffee Chat with the Best CEO I Know with Thom King, CEO of Steviva

Ep. 073 – The Importance of Food Safety with Dr. Darin Detwiler, Assistant Dean at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies

Ep. 074 – How to Get a Job at the FDA with Steve Gendel, Vice President, Division Food Allergens at IEH Laboratories

Ep. 075 – A Recruiter’s Point of View: How to Unearth New Opportunities with Bob Pudlock, Recruiter at Gulf Stream Search

Ep. 076 – How to Be A Food Lawyer with Cesare Varallo, Independent Food Lawyer and owner at foodlawlatest.com

Ep. 077 – Going Bananas for Fair Trade with Kim Chackal, Sales Manager at Equifruit

Ep. 078 – How to Spice Up Your Product Development with Jessica Goldstein, Spice Girl at Nu Spice

Ep. 079 – Tips on Growing Food Businesses with Elliot Begoun, Principal of the Intertwine Group

Ep. 080 – An Overview of Ideation to Commercialization

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