Episodes 21 – 30

Ep. 021 – All About Ice Cream with Darryl David, Consultant at Darryl’s Ice Cream Solutions

Darryl brings his expertise in ice cream such as the history of ice cream and the newest trends

Ep. 022 – Canadian Academia to Australian Industry with Bo Wang, Sr. Technologist From Nu-Mega Ingredients

Bo has traveled the world as an academic and he brings great insight on the difference between Academia and Industry

Ep. 023 – From Military Chef to Industry Chef with Michael Bunn, Sr. Manager of Product Dev. and QA at Sam’s Club

Michael Bunn reminisces about his chef life from the Military to the Industry.

Ep. 024 – A Passion For Extrusion with Deya Suarez Trujillo, Extrusion Engineer at Beyond Meat

Deya excitedly talks about extrusion and how she went above and “beyond” to get to where she is today.


Ep. 025 – A Food Career Around the USA with Russ Nishikawa, VP Business Development at SPI Group

Russ talks about a wonderful food career and how it can take you all over the United States.


Ep. 026 – Tis’ the Seasoning with Stephanie Ronquillo, Food Scientist at Newly Weds Foods

Stephanie and I talk about our college experiences and what we’ve learned in the industry because of it

Ep. 027 – The Macaroon Buisness with Pina Romolo, CEO of Piccola Cucina

Pina and I talk about the struggles and rewards for starting your own food business.

Ep. 028 – Expert Part-Time Food Blogging with Jessica Gavin, Sr. Research Scientist from Nutralite

Jessica throws down some insightful knowledge on being at Nutrilite for 10 years and how to run a successful blog in your spare time.

Ep. 029 – Owning a Restraurant and Empowering Women for Culinary Leadership with Rohini Dey

Rohini shares her successful restaurant empire and we go through on giving back to the community

Ep. 030 – Should You Go To Graduate School?

We kick off the graduate student series with an episode on why I didn’t go to graduate school and why I want to interview people to find out if they do

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