Episodes 11 – 20

Ep. 011 – Cooking and Science with Andrea Zeng, Food Technologist from Lundberg Family Farms

Andrea and I talk about how our food science training has improved our cooking.

Ep. 012 – On Being a Research Chef with Kimberly Schaub, Innovation Manager at Lundberg Family Farms

Kim from peasonmoss.com talks about her amazing journey from military to culinary.

Ep. 013 – Bakers Dozen with Adam Yee, Product Developer from Isagenix

I’m a food scientist

Ep. 014 – Professor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist with Dr. Tom Neuhaus, Owner of Mama Ganache Chocolates (and more)

My old professor Dr. Neuhaus talks about his food life and compares food to music.

Ep. 015 – Choosing Between Work and Graduate School with Katie Lanfranki, R+D Technologist at South Coast Baking

Katie Lanfranki and I discuss about the power of being involved and graduate school.

Ep. 016- Being on TV and Food Media with Julie Miguel from Daily Tiramisu (and others)

Fun episode where Julie talks about the fun things you can do in the food media industry.

Ep. 017 – Why Phil believes in the RCA, with Philip Saneski, President of the RCA Student Committee

Phil talks about the Research Chef Association and veggie desserts.

Ep. 018 Part 1 – The Power of Culinary Science with Ali Bouzari, CSO of Pilot R+D

Ali Bouzari talks about wandering around NYC asking for consulting work.

Ep. 018 Part 2 – The Power of Culinary Science with Ali Bouzari, Author of Ingredient

Ali Bouzari talks about his awesome new book about food science and using ingredients as tools.

Ep. 019 – From Dietetics to Chocolate with Sarabeth Yeli Marshall, owner of Yellibelly Chocolates

Sarabeth talks about her journey to the dark side.

Ep. 020 – Making College Worth It

I talk about how to take advantage of college extracurriculars.


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