Episodes 1 – 10

This post is to direct you to the guests we have for Episodes 1 to 10.

All you have to do is click on the picture and it will send you to the show notes where you can comfortably listen to the episode.

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Ep. 001 – Starting Up With Nicole and Juliette, Founders of FoodGrads

Nicole and Juliette kick off the podcast reveling about how starting something new can be so exciting.

Ep. 002 – Talking Chocolate with Trevor Fast, Production Supervisor at Dandelion Chocolate

My friend/ old classmate Trevor Fast talks about how getting involved in our school’s chocolate program landed him his dream job and living in his dream city.

Ep. 003 – Being a Food Mercenary with Brian Chau, Food Technologist from the Helmsman Group

Brian and I have a geeky talk about how food deeply connects us all.

Ep. 004 – Butter Makes Everything Better with Taryn Yee, Food Technologist from Safeway/Albertsons

Taryn Yee (no relation) and I goof off and talk about ethnic food and the value of experience.

Ep. 005 – What Is Food Science?

My perspective on what food science is and how it can change the world.

Ep. 006 – Achieving World Peace with Dr. Howard Moskowitz, CSO of Mind Genomics (and more)

Amazing interview with food science legend Dr. Howard Moskowitz where he reminisce about his life in the labs and how his future project is going to change how we do research.

Ep. 007 – Making an Impact with Jeffrey Nguyen, Supply Chain Engineer at Gatorade

Jeffrey Nguyen and I are kindred spirits who value making an impact in our communities. Jeffrey discusses how he got involved in the food industry.

Ep. 008 – Food Writing with Eve Turow Paul, Author of Generation Yum

Eve Turow Paul shows us her amazing writing career from traveling to interviewing Anthony Bourdain. Her insightful forecast on the future of food is very valuable.

Ep. 009 – Selling Solutions with Kyle Failla, Sales Manager at Glanbia

My friend Kyle visits me on a business trip and we eat at a noisy restaurant. He has a great story on how he got involved in food science.

Ep. 010 – My First Food Job Search

I talk about my trials and tribulations on getting my first job and the overall reason why I moved to a different state.




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