Episodes 31 – 40

This set of Episodes includes a set of 7 episodes that talk about graduate schools.

Ep. 031- Food Safety Auditing with Tiffany Lau, Retail Food Safety Auditor for the NSF

I talk with long time college friend Tiffany Lau about the perks of being a Food Saety Auditor

Ep. 032 – The Power of Plants with Ken Botts, Food policy Manager at the Humane Society

Ken and I have a good discussion on how plants are becoming better and better proetin sources

Ep. 033 – The Amazing Graduate Race with Amy DeJong, PhD Student from the University of Wisconsin

Amy talks about her time in the Amazing Race and how IFTSA has made her a better person.

Ep. 034 – Escaping Monotony with Caroline Campbell, PhD Student from the University of North Carolina State University

Caroline gives some awesome graduate school advice and talks about glueing magnets in people’s mouths

Ep .035 – Why Experience Matters Here with Audrey Girard, PhD Student from Texas A & M

Audrey nails down the importance of experience in the industry when in graduate school.

Ep. 036 – A European Perspective with John Gleeson, PhD Student from the University College Dublin in Ireland

John is a graduate student in Ireland and we see the differences between there and the US.

Ep. 037 – From India to the United States with Deepak Kumar, Masters Student at Oklahoma State

Deepak tells us how you can research graduate schools in the United States using facebook groups.

Ep. 038 – Applying to a Foreign University From the US with Fiona Salim,  Masters Student at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands


Fiona does an awesome job talking to us about the opportunity to do graduate school abroad.

Ep. 039 – Different Major, Same Food Enthusiasm with Eleni Galata, who is getting her PhD from the University of Missouri

I learned a ton of interesting facts about food media as Eleni talks about not only her graduate school experience, but her research.

Ep. 040 – The Top 10 Pieces of Advice from the Graduate School Series

I boil down all of the facts and figures in the Graduate School Series.


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