The Weekly Stew


How to be Proud of Your Product

I’ve made about 10 products in the past two years but the one I launched last week was my proudest. I’m sure most product developers have this feeling. A product […]


How to Get Free Food In College

I remember in high school, our band had a Halloween party with a lot of leftover food. Afterwards, there was a ton of food left. I took an empty trash […]


Resume Tips for Beginning Food Scientists

Some students from the random corners of the internet have contacted me on reviewing their resume. As an upstanding citizen, of course I accepted. After reading about 3 of them, […]


How I Got My Job In Product Development

This article is inspired by Eliza Herrero. She wrote an awesome article on the foodgrads network about getting into the food industry even if you don’t have experience. You can […]

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