[Bonus Episode] Adam Yee In The Break Room: Honest Opinions on Careers, Learning, Podcasting, and Mindset

Hey everyone! This is a bonus episode! It’s also really long.

Kim from Peas on Moss and I recorded this a long time ago, but I figured I would post this since we’ve been talking about careers a lot on the podcast/blog.

So I talk a bit less modest in this episode, and maybe I’m a bit too honest this episode. Whether you agree with me on the points I make, I hope you find value in them. If you disagree, then challenge them and tell me what you think.

We talk a lot on all sorts of subjects such as job hopping, resume, the purpose of life, preparedness in a degree, podcasting life, all stuff of that nature.

No sponsors this episode. This one is a freebie.

(warning: we do say “you know” way too much in this interview. Enjoy!)


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Knowledge Bombs

  • How long should you stay at your job and how does that matter?
  • Adam’s track record
  • Storytelling is the best skill ever
  • Discussing ethnic background
  • CV’s and resumes
  • Passion versus Skill
  • How to be prepared for your first job
  • Master’s versus Work Experience
  • Risk versus Failure: Different roles have different values of risk
  • How to answer questions in your job
  • Who to talk to when you don’t know the answer
  • How to deal with greedy people and how to deal with them
  • How to find and identify A players and C players
  • Extroversion versus Introversion
  • How Adam stopped being Shy
  • How people can take advantage of teaching niche jobs
  • Catalysts of Change

What We Talk About

Twin Screw Extrusion
Andrea Zeng
My Department Head’s CV
Millenials ruin everything
Little Bets
Fiona Salim
Impostor Syndrome
Myer’s Briggs
Kim is an ENTJ
Adam is an ENTP
Crematory Association
How Podcasting Changed My Life
Michael Kalanty
James Altucher
Derek Sivers – Bronze Medalist

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