Episodes 61 – 70

Here you can see episodes 61 to 70. What I like specifically about this group of people is the diverse age range our guests have. From starting their first job to consulting, we have everything in this segment.

All you have to do is click the link and it wills end you to the episode.

Ep. 061 – Living and Breathing Healthy Kale Chips, with Julie Bernarski, Founder and President of the Healthy Crunch Group

Ep. 062 – From Chef to Food Scientist: Sticking to your Dreams with Louis Edmond, Food Technologist at Advanced Pierre Foods

Ep. 063 – Taste Everything! with Tiffany Tong, Strategic Initiatives Lead at Canada’s Smartest Kitchen

Ep. 064 – Tips for Writing a Great Food Book with Susie Wyshak, Author of Good Food, Great Business

Ep. 065 – From Chef to Consultant: How to Find and Implement Culinary Trends with Dan Follese, Owner of Follese Culinary Consulting

Ep. 066 – School Food Supply Chain with Sapna Thottahil, Supply Chain Specialist at School Food Focus

Ep. 067- How Gummies Work with Jonathon Weber, R and D Technologist at Herbaland Naturals

Ep. 068 – How to Use Podcasting for Food Marketing with Alex Oesterle, Ideation Director of Bluebear Creative

Ep. 069 – An Opportunity in the Indian Food Industry with Shyamoli Gramopadhye, Food Technologist at DairiConcepts

Ep. 070 – A Year in Review

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