Episodes 41 – 50

Here we have episodes 41-50. All you have to do is click the pictures and it should bring you to the episode and shownotes.

Ep. 041 – How Soda Works with Haley Richardson, Associate Scientist at Dr. Pepper/ Snapple Group

Haley and I talk about the soda industry and good steak.

Ep. 042 – What a Food Engineer Does with Amit Sinha, Process Innovation Engineer at Watson Inc

Amit is a food engineer and we dive in on what that is. He’s also an avid Crossfitter and I also find out what that is as well.

Ep. 043 – An Opportunity with Ugly Food with Naz Athina Kallel, Founder of Eu Herd

Naz shares her passionate story about how she started a buisness

Ep. 044 – Lessons on Being Innovative with Alan Marson, Managing Director at New Food Innovation Ltd.

Being a leader of innovation in Britain, Alan gives great advice on upcoming food trends

Ep. 045 – Why Stories Matter with Crystal McKay, CEO of Farm and Food Care

Crystal shares with us her story of progressing from being an intern to CEO.

Ep. 046 – How to Be a Private Chef for George Lucas with Rachelle Boucher, Culinary Events Manager at Miele

Rachelle reminisces about her amazing culinary career from being a private chef for George Lucas, to an amazing event coordinator at Miele.

Ep. 047 – How to make an Award-Winning Restaurant, Sauce Line, and Cookbook with Lisa Tse, CEO of Sweet Mandarin

Lisa shares it all as I dig into what makes Sweet Mandarin a highly successful brand such as how it got on TV, and how they get so many awards.

Ep. 048 – From Chef to Recruiting Chefs with Mike Hewitt, CEO of One Haus

Mike talks about how to find the best chefs in the industry and what questions to ask when being recruited.

Ep. 049 – The Quality Technology Industry with Raf Peeters, CEO of Qcify

Raf shows that passion matters and how he has never worked a day in his life.

Ep. 050 – What I Learned From CEO’s

I dissect and distill all of my interviews with CEO’s into handy, inspiring tips.

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