Ep. 102 – The Clean Meat Revolution with Paul Shapiro, Author of Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World

In most of my recent interviews, when I ask about technology, I’m always hearing about Clean Meat! So when I saw that there was an actual book coming out on the topic, I used my awesome network to get the author, Paul Shapiro on the podcast. I have to give my thanks to Ken Botts for kindly connecting us to create this awesome interview.

Paul Shapiro is an animal rights advocate who has taken an interest in Clean Meat as a powerful technology to save the world.

Think of this episode as a very technical summary for Paul’s book with added science geekiness. After the interview, I bought the book and read it and the topics in this podcast reflect the surface of what’s in Paul’s book.

If you’re really interested in Clean Meat from this interview, I highly recommend reading Shapiro’s book as it goes in depth on a lot of topics we’re talking about.

So all of your answers about Clean Meat will be answered in this episode. Including why we’re naming it clean meat, the technology used, opposition to clean meat, and the role you as food scientists can play as this technology scales up.

To buy Paul Shapiro’s book, Clean Meat, click this link.

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Questions Asked

How Clean Meat Started
Why the name Clean Meat is used
Clean Meat being cleaner than regular meat as Clean Meat is technically going to be very clean ground meat (sterile environment)
How clean meat is made and the new technology being used to grow meat
A talk on how microbial fermentation is working in this industry
Open Source versus proprietary information
Opposition on Clean meat
Why hardcore vegans don’t like Clean Meat
Will Clean Meat be sneaking in or be publicized heavily? How is this different 10 or 20 years ago
How can food scientists help the Clean Meat Revolution?
What kind of Universities are working on Clean Meat? (not what you think)
Can I make Clean Meat in my Garage?
You’ve tasted a ton of clean products, how do they fare right now? What is missing?
What do you wish to accomplish with your book?
What is one statement you’d like to make to convince people to buy clean meat?

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