Ep. 084 – The Magic of Food Pivoting with Ronald Arceo, founder of foodbox.tv (and other things)

This episode is a bit different, and it acts more of a conversation, but it’s a darn good conversation. I met Ronald talking on Shapr, a swipy-like app for business people and just to let you know, I get a lot more meetings on Shapr than the other ones and they’re productive as well.

Ronald has been on TEDEx, he was an ex-magician, has done several media expenditures, web design work, and has a huge passion and curiosity in food

So we talk a lot of cool stuff about food, but also take this as just a casual talk with two very creative people. We try and understand each other, and we do quite well I’d say. Think of this episode a bit differently, not just about the job Ronald has, but also his mindset, or his ability to create, pivot, and entertain.

I’m excited for what Ronald has in store for us and after this interview, you’ll be too.

About Ronald

Food tech entrepreneur.
Online Marketing and Launch Event Specialist & Amateur Magician. 😉

Former Creative Marketing Strategist for The Red Group, LLC.

In my consulting efforts I helped build brands online. More specifically, I consulted companies and coached experts on how to get started in creating their following online through education based marketing.

Some past projects include TEDxCalicoCanyon, MagicMez, The Last Formula, and most recently The Foodbox.

I’ve been given the opportunity to work with some amazing people over the years. If you’d like to contact me, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Knowledge Bombs

  • Ronald and Adam’s connection to San Luis Obispo
  • Two tribes in the world of eating: Live to eat, and eat to live
  • The twists and turns for Foodbox
  • Why food farmers are switching to growing more “special” crops

Question Summary

What is Foodbox.tv: We took a pivot and will be focusing on telling the stories and technologies of local food
TEDex: Ronald presented at TedEx: Calico Canyon the Human Connection
What has magic taught you?: Magic taught me to learn fast. Magic shows a raw emotion that we don’t see often. Magic violates a preconceived notion
Favorite Quote: Pain of regret weighs ton, while the pain of discipline weighs ounces
Do you have any advice for people who want to do what you do?: You have to love what you do, but you have to be strategic
Where can we find you?: fdbx.tv

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