Ep. 064 – Tips for Writing a Great Food Book with Susie Wyshak, Author of Good Food, Great Business

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It was an honor interviewing Susie Wyshak, author of Good Food Great Business as she shows us so many useful tips on how to start a food business and how to write a book.

I actually was able to meet Susie for a brief time during my trip to the Fancy Food Show, which we talk about during the episode. She even signed my copy of Good Food Great Business and you can see it below

If you haven’t read the book and you are looking to start a food business, I highly suggest this one. It’s so good! From personal experience, I found the resources so valuable, the format really easy to follow, and the examples are superb.

Other little gems in this episode includes great tips and tribulations of writing a book, me showing off my food science knowledge, and Susie’s thoughts on robots in the future.

About Susie

Susie Wyshak is the author of Good Food, Great Business: How to Take Your Artisan Food Concept From Idea to Marketplace and Chocolate Chip Cookie School, for kids. She blogs about trends at FoodStarter.com and offers strategy and naming services to sustainable food entrepreneurs, local food shops and other small businesses.

Key Takeaways

  • Why Susie’s book is amazing
  • Why she decided to make a book and some tips on doing it
  • What Susie thinks of robots
  • Adam talks about food science and inulin

Question Summary

Educational Background: MBA in Marketing

Tips on writing a book

How did you contact people for info?: I just asked them! But I had a strong network
Do you think the industry is small?: Yes, but it’s just like any industry
What is the hardest thing about writing a book?: Books are linear and writing about a non-linear process is very challenging
How long did it take you to write the book?: Always had the idea, met Chronicle books the following year, then took a couple years.
Having deadlines will get you to focus. It’s like doing a Marathon. Be flexible and not be frustrated.Edits were mainly about Clarifying and explaining things. Thanks to her publisher
What has been the benefit of publishing the book?: I can do what I wanted and work who I wanted to work with
What would you eat for a month straight?: Lebanese Grape leaves stuffed with rice and lamb
Do you have any advice for writing a book: Read a book about writing books

My Food Job Rocks: I can help people and I have a community
Food Trends and Technology: Single serving on-the-go foods
What do you feel nailed single-serve foods?: That’s It – 2 piece fruits
Biggest challenge in the food industry: immigration and food waste
Susie’s thought on robots: It’s complicated and conflicting. We need to think through it.
What’s one thing in the food industry would you like to know more about?: food processing
Who inspired you to get into food?: An appreciation to small farmers
Favorite Book: Harold McGee On Food and Cooking
What would you eat for a month straight?: Lebanese Grape leaves stuffed with rice and lamb
Do you have any advice for writing a book: Read a book about writing books
What’s Next?: A new book about a grocery store, going to the Natural Products Expo
Where can we find you?: Susie@foodstarter.com

What other food shows do you recommend?
Fancy Food Show – Winter Summer
New Hope Natural Products Expo – LA and Baltimore
Candy Association
Specialty Coffee Association

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