Ep. 042 – What a Food Engineer Does with Amit Sinha, Process Innovation Engineer at Watson Inc

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In this episode, we have Amit Sinha, Process Innovation Engineer at Watson, an ingredient company.

This company is particularly fun because they products are so innovative. Most of their ingredient capabilities are based off of a specific need in the market. If you go to any food science based expos like IFT or Supply Side West, you gotta check out their booth. A giant, white, two story booth and they also have great notebooks.

This is a fun episode because you get to learn the magic of food engineering.

I actually saw Amit Sinha in action during a small lecture in Supply Side West, what he presented was pure magic. He has found a way to make vitamins… disappear.

About Amit Sinha

Process Innovation Engineer, Amit Sinha, from Watson has been in the dietary supplement and food and beverage industry for the last 10 years. With an MBA in Marketing and MS in Chemical Engineer, he finds that this is the right combination for his career path. By being able to utilize market research and through ingredient discovery, he’s able to successfully use his processing knowledge to innovate. Innovation is very important to him in both his personal and professional life as stagnation can set in if you one is not challenged every day.

Aside from being a foodie and trying new things, Amit has a passion for Crossfit and movies. He tries to use his work knowledge in implementing a healthy and fit lifestyle. Currently, he finds the plant-based diet an intriguing area with great potential and great products. Amit definitely believes, you have to love what you do so you can fully invest in it!

Key Takeaways

  • Best definition on What a food engineer does
  • Where to find innovation. Walmart vs Whole Foods
  • How to promote innovation internally and externally in a company
  • As a fortification expert and a crossfitter, what is Amit’s diet?

Question Summary

What do you say in a sentence or less?: I’m a food engineer
What do you actually do?: Process Innovation Engineer – Look for new ingredients and new technology to fit what the customer wants to do
How do you find ideas?: Grocery shopping. The isles that have the new ingredients
Amit’s Career Timeline: Pharmaceuticals à Food and Beverage à Premix (Fortification) à Watson
Most important skill to have in your job: You have to learn how to research. Be hands on and learn from operators.
Watson is an ingredient supplier
Food Trends and Technologies: Clean Label concept and transparency: who can do this the best?
Clean Label: Where you can pronounce what’s on the label, nothing is harmful
Biggest challenge the food industry has to face?: How to convince people a research article is true/false
Best solution: Educate the law makers
One thing you’d like to know more about: 3D Printing
Who inspired you to get into food: Crossfit (what?)
Quote: [1 road diverged into 2] and I took the one less traveled by
Favorite Food: Chipotle!
Any Advice getting into your field?: Get an entry level job in the field you’re broadly interested. Get the experience and build on it
Inspiring Advice: Try something outside of your comfort zone

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