Ep. 041 – How Soda Works with Haley Richardson, Associate Scientist at Dr. Pepper/ Snapple Group

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We are back to our regular show where we interview amazing food jobs. However, you can still check out the graduate school series by clicking here.

This next batch of episodes are some unique ones, and I think I’m getting better at asking questions maybe.

Today we have Haley Richardson from Dr. Pepper/ Snapple Gorup talking about well, being a soda scientist.

Have you ever wondered how Soda is made on a bench top? Or how new flavors get idealized? This episode explains all of that.

We also geek out about the perfect steak and the show Unwrapped.

Key Takeaways

– How food scientists make soda bench samples
– The crazy way on how Dr. Pepper runs their companies
– Haley’s most interesting interview question
– How Food Science made Unwrapped better

Question Summary

What is your official title?: Application Scientist for Dr. Pepper/Snapple
What’s a Typical Day?: No day is the same.
Describe the Steps it Took To Get To Where You Are Today: Originally Engineering to Food Science
Most important skill you need to succeed: Critical Thinking
My Food Job Rocks Because: I get to try the newest flavors
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?: Teach someone her job. Wants to go deeper in science.
What do you look for most in a job?: Working with Passionate people
Food Technologies: 3D Printing, Plant Beef, Lab Grown Beef
Who inspired you to get into food?: My Parents. Her dad cooks a perfect steak
Favorite Kitchen Item: Whisk
Advice going into the food industry: If you have that passion, you should do it
Inspirational quote: If you want to make Jelly Belly flavors, go for it.

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