Ep. 032 – The Power of Plants with Ken Botts, Food Policy Manager for the Humane Society

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Today’s guest is Ken Botts, the Food Policy Manager at the…Humane Society?

So I believe that Ken’s job title is very misleading. I would call him more like a food service plant protein expert. He lead a a team and travels all over the United States implementing plant based proteins into food institutions.

For example, his team works with chefs in schools, amusement parks, and even the military to educate and create amazing menus that use plants.

In this episode, you’re going to learn everything about the hot topics of plants. This includes why eating plants is important not only health wise, and sustainability wise, but also learn the latest companies innovating with plant proteins, really cool recipes like non-dairy cheeses, and even about urban farming.

Again, we wanted to remind you about the graduate school series next week. We’ll be pushing hard on this initiative. In fact, we even a have freebie to give you. In exchange for an email address, you can get a nice, polished, graduate school post which will tell you what and when to prepare for applying to graduate school.

About Ken Botts

Ken Botts is a food service consultant, speaker, and blogger. In 2009 he designed and developed the nations first all vegan dining hall at the University of North Texas. His ideas and insights have appeared in media outlets including; USA Today, The Dallas Morning News, Green Source DFW, ABC news, Food Service Director Magazine and VegNews. Ken uses his 35+ years of food service experience to help restaurants and food service organizations implement plant-based menus and concepts. His mission in life is to help make the world a better place one plate at a time.

Key Takeaways

– Millennial’s push to know what’s in their food and why they care about food and the future
– The challenges of opening a Vegan Restaurant
– Amazing advice on how to network really well
– The hottest plant food trends
– How plants can potentially save the world
– Why the Military loves plants
– Why Urban Farming might be the solution

Summary Answers

When you’re introduced to someone, what do you tell them you do?: Teach chefs how to work with plant protein
Most exciting part of the job: I get to travel all over the world to help food service professionals
Millennials are driving the demand of plant proteins
Most Important Skill You Can Have: Long term connecting with people
Tips to be a connector: Never meet a stranger. Have the mindset that you can help someone when you meet them.
My Food Job Rocks: I can make the world a better place through food
The Biggest Challenge the Food Industry as to Face: How are we going to feed the future without destroying the planet?
Who Inspired you to Get Into Food: My mom: if you get a job in the food service, you’ll always have a job
Favorite Quote: If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity and you don’t know how to do it, say yes. – Richard Brandson
Favorite Book: Diet for a Small Planet
Favorite Piece of Equipment: Vitamix – You can heat soup!
Favorite Food: Bean Burritos
Advice to get into your industry: Strive to learn something new every day. Find yourself a mentor. And think as big as you can
How does the Humane Society get clients?: Schools first, other things follow. It’s free too.

What We Talk About

Global Conference for Amino Acids
James Beard Foundation
Humane Society
Paul Shapiro
Josh Balk – Cofounder Hampton Creek
Kristie Middleton
Vegan Dining Hall
Men’s Journal about Plant Based Proteins
“Clean Meat”
Feed 9 billion people in 2050
Beyond Meat
Tyson Food buys a stake in Beyond Meat
Kite Hill Almond Cheese
Treeline Vegan Cheese
Myoko Vegan Cheese – Has a book
World Health Organization
Year of the Pulses
Changing the culture of the culinary world through Chefs
Department of Defense
Urban Farming
Northeastern University
Herbavore festival in Riverside
Pumpkin Mac and Cheese – recipe posted at kenbotts.com
Humbolt State University
Sea World Parks
Ken Botts.com

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