Ep. 022 – Canadian Academia to Australian Industry with Bo Wang, Sr. Technologist From Nu-Mega Ingredients

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Today we have a special guest who came all the way from Australia. Bo Wang was born in China, moved to Canada for academia, and now lives in Australia working for the industry. His focus is microencapsulation and works to encapsulate fish oil at Nu-Mega Technologies.

Within this episode, he not only talks about his amazing opportunities living in difference countries, but also really digs deep on the difference between academia and industry.

Also, let me know if the audio is good or not, it’s a bit fuzzy this time and I would love your feedback. I recommend you listen without headphones this time if you can.

The first section of this episode is a segment of Peas on Moss’ episode. You can find the full article here.

About Bo Wang

Dr. Bo Wang is a Senior Food Technologist at Nu-Mega Ingredients, Queensland, Australia where he is leading the development of novel microencapsulation delivery systems for various bioactive ingredients. He is also an adjunct Senior Lecturer at The University of Queensland and an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Deakin University.

Dr. Bo Wang has a Ph.D. in Food Chemistry and Engineering from China Agriculture University and completed his fellowships at Agricultural and Agri-Food Canada and Deakin University before starting his career in the industry. His current research interests include a broad spectrum of natural products extraction and characterization, analytical chemistry, food biotechnology and omega-3 oil technology with expertise in the nano-/micro-encapsulation technologies.

About Nu-Mega Ingredients

NU-MEGA Ingredients Pty Ltd. develops, produces, and supplies omega-3 DHA as an ingredient to the food industry. The company offers a range of microencapsulated Hi-DHA tuna fish oils for addition to various products in dry powder form. It offers its products for various applications, such as infant nutrition products, including infant formulas and moist solid preparations; bread and bakery products; cereals, which include muesli bars and breakfast products; dairy products, such as frozen confection, yoghurts, fromage frais, and milk; supplements, including capsules and dietary products; beverages and juices; animal feeds; and fruit preparations. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Melbourne, Australia. NU-MEGA Ingredients Pty Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Clover Corporation Limited.

Key Takeaways

– Bo’s AMAZING traveling opportunities
– Why Microencapsulation is pretty important
– Different Cultural Ways of thinking between culture, academic and industry
– When Bo said he was a Food Engineer and people thought he was a Chef
– The big difference between Industry and Academia

What We Talk About

Agricultural Engineer
Food Engineer
Fish Oil
Cultural Way of Thinking
Most Important Skill: The consumer don’t really need a perfect product. Fulfill their needs, not yours
Food By-products
My Food Job Rocks: I love it! I can serve people
Biggest Challenge: Food Industry focuses more on money than research
What’s one thing you’d like to know more about?: How to process raw materials into extracts
Did anyone inspire you to get into food? : My Supervisors and connections
Favorite Food: Chinese people can eat anything
Insects (why he doesn’t like the trend)
Advice for anyone who wants to go to the food industry: The connection between academia and industry is close. Do not stay in the lab, keep on making connections and asking questions
IFT Expo
Retail Euro VitaEuro
AIFST – Austrlia IFT
AOCS – Chemistry Society
Agricultural Engineering Conference

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