Ep. 005 – What is Food Science?


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Welcome to the My Food Job Rocks Podcast with me, Adam Yee. This is episode 5.

We’re going to try something a little bit different this time, I think every 5 or so episodes, I really want to do a deep info session on certain things people don’t know about the food industry.

In this episode, I want to talk about what is Food Science, and really, how to become a food scientist.

I hope to use this episode to tell all of my friends what the heck I do.

Moving to Phoenix where I absolutely knew no one, I’ve met a lot of new people and in most situations, I’ve had to say what I do for a living. I’ve tried things like my actual vague job title, when I first moved to phoenix this was: food processing technologist! What the heck was that? Then I changed to: “I work with food” but I’ve felt most comfortable saying what I’ve studied: I’m a food scientist.

In most situations in my life, whenever I tell someone I’m a food scientist, they give me some strange look and tell me what the heck that is. I’m sure my colleagues will nod in agreement that this has happened once in their life.

I hope in this episode, to really bring a brief introduction on what is Food Science and how you can remember this profession.

Key takeaways:
  • The definition of Food Science, and what they do
  • Where you can study food science
  • The difference between Food Science and Nutrition
What We Talk About:

Google’s definition of Food Science
Institute of Food Technologist
Sodium Benzoate in Soda
Bacon Soda
Chicory Root Fiber
Flaming hot Cheetos
EXO Cricket Protein
Pea Milk (Ripple)
Chapman University Food Science
Accredited Food Science University
Chipotle E.Coli
Freeze Drying
American Institute of Baking
Food Science vs Nutrition
The next sewage blockage of 2016 (read the reviews) 


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